Love Letter to A Seed

  • Directed by Nana Dakin

  • Creative Producers: Lanxing Fu and Jeremy Pickard of Superhero Clubhouse

  • Music and Additional Words: Nehemiah Luckett

  • Words and Additional Music: Orion S. Johnstone

  • Visual Designer: Lexy Ho-Tai

  • Audio Mixing and Master Engineer: Mauricio Escamilla

  • Guest Voice Performer: vickie washington

  • Guest Cello Performer: Marika Hughes

Available Feb. 28, 2021 to Spring Equinox Mar. 20, 2021

Presented as part of Clubbed Thumb's Winterworks 2021

New Work Development: 

Sunwatcher with Tidtaya Sinutoke, Isabella Dawis and Ikumi Kuronaga, 2020/21 Civilians R&D Group

Mammelephant with Superhero Clubhouse

Everyone Knows Everything with Max Mondi, extract published in Issue 2 of The Flashpaper

Directing Fellowship:

Clubbed Thumb 2020/21 Directing Fellow

Teaching Artist:

Big Green Theater with Superhero Clubhouse


Youth Masterclass with New York Theatre Workshop